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Dans le développé lent, en trois temps, sans que le poids touche au corps, à deux mains, 157.39 kg (347 livres), de la main droite, 124 kg (273 livres), même poids de la gauche. Combattons l'ignorance par l'information sans propos ternes. etc, les hormonest et autres agents font plus de dégâts q uatre chose. Some men are perhaps similar to, but there will never be another Louis Cyr. Louis Cyr: une épopée légendaire. Un exploit qui reste inégalé à ce jour. Moi aussi je peux faire un « clean and press » à 3 plates avec du styrofoam! From 1894 to 1899 he toured with Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey circuses; he later opened a tavern in Montréal. Weight on this occasion was estimated at 3,635 lbs. Sachons reconnaître la valeur de l’un des nôtres qui a su amener une tradition : celle de se jouer de la faiblesse. Elle interprète avec un naturel fou cette femme moderne bien avant la lettre. With this superb reference, Louis joined the good guys, becoming for several years a genuine police officer. Cyr was a big man in all ways, both heart and size, being a great trencherman, eating more than four normal men. Jean-Noël Dion (1956-2006) fut directeur-archiviste du Centre d’histoire de Saint-Hyacinthe. D’abord, la plupart de ceux qui publient un développé à 315 ou 295 font en fait un « push press » (parfois la charge est honnête, mais d’autres fois, on utilise des « fake plates »). Je mettrais d’ailleurs les fakeux au défi de venir chez moi pour essayer un développé strict avec une VRAIE barre à 205 lbs. For years Louis pictured himself as a modern Biblical Samson with tresses to match. The young man defeated the reigning Canadian strongman by lifting a granite boulder weighing over 400 pounds. The title is not mine, it was first coined by pioneer George F. Jowett, famed trainer by mail, who wrote much on legends of strength, including a prized collectors item of the above title. The strongest man in history : Louis Cyr, ” amazing Canadian “, Ben Weider, Vancouver, Mitchell Press, 1976, XII, 104 p. Mémoires de l’homme le plus fort du monde, par Louis Cyr, préface de Ben Weider, illustrations intérieures, François Rivard, Montréal-Nord, VLB, 1980, 277 p. Fortia nominat : Louis Cyr, l’homme le plus fort du monde : théâtre, par Bryan Perro, Shawinigan, Glanures Impression, 1997, 122 p. Pièce de théâtre créée à l’été 1997. With Antoine Bertrand, Guillaume Cyr, Rose-Maïté Erkoreka, Gilbert Sicotte. Le feu dans les yeux, il incarne toute la force de caractère de Cyr qui lui confère son aura légendaire. Il s’agit de la première rencontre officielle du genre en Amérique. dumbbell. Un bel exploit. In days when feats of strongmen aroused intense interest, Cyr became a legend. Le sujet était casse-gueule. Willoughby, stickler for facts, once gave me a right drubbing in personal correspondence for quoting ad lib, some of the more unqualified measurements and so called feats of Cyr, suggesting for example that the oft quoted calf measurement of Louis as being 28″ was ridiculous, being “Larger than his head” with similar scorn being cast on some of Cyr’s feats of strength. Ben Weider who was privileged to family archives was even more generous giving arm size 24″/61cm, forearms 19″/48.2cm, and calves, the disputed 28″/71cm, following a similar line to Jowett. He proudly returned to Canada with one of the marquis of Queensberry's horses after winning a bet that he could hold 2 driving horses to a standstill, one tied to each of his massive arms. Four horses were tied to his arms (two on each side) and, while the grooms whipped and urged the horses to pull, Cyr managed to restrain all of them. Un homme fort,qui est dans les milieu de l’entraînement depuis 30ans, écoute les histoires de nos hommes forts d’antan avec scepticisme. Louis Cyr . Quoi de mieux qu’un compte-rendu sur l’ouvrage le plus complet de ce personnage avant de se laisser imprégner de… Libre-Expression, Montréal, 2005, 636 p. Note de l’éditeur de Sport et Société The strongest man that ever lived, de George F. Jawett, Philadelphia, Milo Publishing Co, 1927, 195 p. Ouvrage rédigé en anglais et qui donne beaucoup de détails sur ses compétitions. Changer ), Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Google. Sullivan by the way was known as The Boston Strong Boy and was VERY powerful, but not in Cyr’s class) Cyr, happy in his own environment beat all comers when challenged to perform. ( Déconnexion /  Louis Cyr, ‘The Strongest Man Who Ever Lived,’ died on November 10th 1912, in Montreal, of chronic nephritis, being interred at St. Jean de Martha. Changer ), Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte Twitter. On December 1st 1891 at Sohmer Park in Montreal, before some 10,000 people Cyr resisted the pull of four draught horses, two each side, pulling away at his clenched hands, regardless of grooms cracking their whips to encourage the horses to pull harder and strain their haunches. Great homage was paid by all of Canada with immense crowds attending the funeral, floral tributes coming from all over the World. Daniel Roby a évité l'esbroufe formelle pour se concentrer sur le récit, qui n'a pas besoin qu'on en rajoute une couche. Accounts of the day recall how Cyr disarmed and subdued the combatants and then made a citizens arrest, almost Charles Bronson style, although not as permanent, carrying both miscreants, one under each arm to the local cop shop. After spending some time as a lumberjack, Cyr became a professional strongman, touring all over the United States and Europe. C’est pourquoi, il a ses réserves par rapport à ce que Louis Cyr et Victor Delamarre auraient accomplis. Louis Cyr pouvait soulever du dos 1967 kg (4337 livres). Up to 6 lbs. On voit mal comment le Jutra de l'interprétation masculine pourrait lui échapper. Louis Cyr (baptisé Cyprien-Noé Cyr, à Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville le 10 octobre 1863, et mort le 10 novembre 1912) est un célèbre homme fort canadien-français.Cyr n'a jamais refusé un défi et n'a jamais été défait dans son pays ou à l'étranger. It has to be stressed when you later compare some of Cyr’s feats of strength with his modern equivalent that ALL standards have, and do increase over the years, as much due to psychological as physiological reasons. Oct 12, 2018 - Explore Trina Radske-Suchan's board "Louis Cyr" on Pinterest. Through no fault of his own, many of Cyr’s lifts, like his measurements have been exaggerated of misquoted especially his celebrated back lift done in Boston, of 18 men on a platform, usually generously estimated at 4,300 lbs., which allowing for a very heavy platform of say 500 lbs., meant that each man on average weighed 211 lbs., hardly likely…but again I emphasize, if given more motivation and competition, Cyr was certainly capable of lifting nearer the 5,000 lb. This is a very short-range lift or support. A platform was placed across his back and 18 men got on top of it. Ça, c’était vrai! Whilst Louis’ father was of average proportions, his mother was almost Amazonian, recorded as weighing 265 lbs. Biopic of Louis Cyr, strongest man in the world at the end of the 19th Century. It never did. C'est pourquoi, il a ses réserves par rapport à ce que Louis Cyr et Victor Delamarre auraient accomplis. L’hercule canadien a inspiré également bon nombre d’écrits. À une époque où les tours de force sont un spectacle très couru, Cyr devient une légende. Louis Cyr dans Athlètes canadiens-français, par Edmond-Zothique Massicotte, Montréal, Beauchemin, v.1910, repris dans ” Scènes de mœurs électorales “, de A.-D. De Celles, en 1919, chez le même éditeur. chest normal 59 1/2″ and thighs 33″ with other parts to match the increase in weight, being at the time a heavier 365 lbs. Many years later Doc Aumont, son-in-law of Louis, loaned Cyr’s famous dumbbell to the Weider’s Your Physique office in Montreal for a month, during which time over 500 people tried and failed to lift the weight. 1, nos 5-6, mai-juin-juillet 1972, p. 87-90. During his most active period, circa 1896, he performed the following:–March 31st did clean and jerk (the clean is a misnomer) of 347 lbs., then a World. Travis, Sandow etc. Soon proving his immense strength, he was urged by friends to enter the exciting, albeit highly precarious world of professional strong men, lifting mainly crude solid or shot filled weights. Les hommes forts du Québec, de Jos. Willoughby rated Cyr on a par with earlier heavyweight Karl Swoboda, Horace Barre and latter day giants Paul Anderson and presser supreme Doug Hepburn. Signing up enhances your TCE experience with the ability to save items to your personal reading list, and access the interactive map. One of his most famous feats was the back lift. Returning to the U.S.A. on May 27th, he did his best back lift in Boston, with over 4,000 lbs. plus again, using hand and thigh, 1897.25lb/860.5kg. Let us forget about comparisons between strength athletes in widely different eras. Les records Pour le développé à l’épaule, ras tendus, à la verticale, d’une seule main 73.7 kg (162 livres), 36 fois de suite. Sandow was an astute showman, but no fool, and avoided any such challenges throughout his esteemed career after early mistakes, like the time when he was beaten by McCann. Le moment d'après, c'est toute la tendresse qu'il éprouve pour ses proches et sa bonhomie que l'acteur incarne. DOMINIC BÉRUBÉ : UN HOMME FORT INSPIRANT ! Placing a number of men upon a heavy platform resting across two trestles, Louis ducked beneath the platform, placed his back below the center, and raised both the contraption and the passengers clear off the trestles. Louis Cyr est né vers 1685 mais il n'y a aucune certitude sur son lieu de naissance. Louis Cyr was a French Canadian strongman with a career spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries. ( Déconnexion /  His recorded feats, including lifting 500 pounds (227 kg) (1/4 ton) with one finger and backlifting 4,337 pounds (1,967 kg)(2.1 tons), show Cyr to be, according to former International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness chairman Ben Weider, the strongest man ever to have lived. There was no formal sport of weightlifting; competitions were held as challenge matches, and at these he was never defeated. Examples: he back-lifted a platform holding eighteen men; he lifted 553 pounds off the floor with one finger; he pushed a freight car up an incline. Louis left the Police Force and purchased a tavern/restaurant in St. Gunegonda, where he also featured a gymnasium which like many such places in its day became a Mecca for strength athletes and fighters. (Cyr was well acquainted with the famous John F. Sullivan, being one of the few to defy Sullivan’s commands to drink when he drank. Ouvrage biographique sur les colosses québécois et dont la troisième partie est consacrée à Cyr. With little reward at this early foray into professional weightlifting, Louis was forced to seek other employment, fate taking a hand in his decision when he apparently stepped into, and broke up, by sheer physical force, a dangerous knife fight. Consisting of 18 ‘Bulky’ men. UN ANCIEN CHAMPION DÉLUSIONNEL VEUT AFFRONTER KOVALEV, JEAN PASCAL & L’APRÈS KOVALEV : CHRONIQUE À RADIO X. Though not unusually tall, Cyr weighed as much as 165 kg and was immensely strong. les baillargeon . Louis Cyr (pronounced seer) was born on October 11th 1863 in St. Cyprien, near Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Cyr’s dumbbells were often so unwieldy that many respectable strongmen were unable to budge them OFF THE FLOOR, let alone lift them over head. LES EXPLOITS DE LOUIS CYR ET VICTOR DELAMARRE REMIS EN QUESTION. Regrettably David Willoughby never lived to see some of today’s behemoths or powerlifters, far beyond any of Dave’s predictions or limits based on scientific calculations. Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux articles. École Louis-Cyr 319, rue Saint-Louis Napierville (Québec) J0J 1L0 Téléphone : 514 380-8899, poste 4762 Télécopieur : 450 245-7373 Courriel : louiscyr@csdgs.qc.ca Coordonnées sur la carte Écrivez-nous In 1886 Cyr met and defeated Richard Pennell, then Pennell being 40, and Louis just 23. The above details were just one set of figures relating to Cyr’s size, others being recorded by Willoughby when for example Cyr was 47 years old (in 1910) gave him calf 23″, neck 22 3/4″, Biceps 21 1/2″. In January 1892 Cyr embarked in England with partner Horace Barre, resulting in arousing much interest and curiosity at his London debut at the Royal Aquarium, with 5,000 people packing the theater to watch Cyr’s act and witness his open challenge to the wide world of strongmen, many celebrities of which were in the audience, with a side wager of £1,000…a lot of filthy lucre in those bygone days. Louis Cyr est le champion tant attendu au cinéma québécois. « (Victor Delamarre) était fort…pour endormir le monde » – l’homme fort Dominic Bérubé. Louis Cyr, une épopée légendaire. ( Déconnexion /  To search further, one has to look at contemporary journals such as “Police Gazette”, Health and “Strength” and later “Superman” and “Iron Man”, especially the works of W.J. L’an passé, à Waterloo, j’ai vu Tim Côté développer strict un axle de 280 pour ses deux premières répétitions. One particular dumbbell of Cyr’s weighed, when empty, 202lb/92kg. L'homme a tout de même un talon d'Achille qui le rend humain : son analphabétisme. This exploit nearly killed the man. Louis Cyr est le champion tant attendu au cinéma québécois. Recevez du contenu exclusif en vous abonnant par courriel ! L'acteur y livre une performance magistrale. Massicotte, Trois-Pistoles, Ed. Even giants are not immortal. Le 27 mai 1895, il accomplit son plus grand exploit : supporter 1967 kg sur son dos. He died of Bright's disease, perhaps brought on by the amount of food he had to eat to fuel his enormous strength. Article écrit spécialement pour la revue de la Fédération des Sociétés d’histoire du Québec et qui nous renseigne surtout sur le tir aux chevaux et le tir de poignet, spécialités de Cyr. Who could foresee Ted Arcidi’s 700 lb. At the height of his career, Cyr stood only 5’10” tall but he weighed over 300 pounds and had a 60″ chest when it was expanded (55.2″ normally). Those who make history in the first instance, seldom realize that their accomplishments will interest future generations, and therefore do not bother to leave evidence of authenticity.” Let us do the best we can, with what we know, and talk about the French Canadian Louis Cyr, and of the days when he could rightly claim to be THE STRONGEST MAN WHO EVER LIVED. Louis Cyr was in his first strongman competition at the age of 17, when he faced Michaud of Quebec. Cyr's family moved to Massachusetts, and as a young man he was a lumberjack in New England before returning to Montréal in 1882 to take a job as a policeman. Grizzly, to see just what is possible. I am positive that he could have done much more if pressed. Un exploit qui reste inégalé à ce jour. bench press, and almost regular heavy weights now squatting with near or over 1000 lbs. In more recent years, Ben Weider wrote and published a similar tome, well worth reading, and highly entertaining, entitled “The Strongest Man in History” detailing much of Cyr’s life and adventures. Cyr's family moved to Massachusetts, and as a young man he was a lumberjack in New England before returning to Montréal in 1882 to take a job as a policeman. LE DOPAGE DE LUCIAN BUTE : ENTREVUE DU GUERRIER MODERNE À RADIO X 98.1FM, KEVIN BIZIER DÉMOLI RAPIDEMENT PAR KELL BROOK, FINALE KICKBOXING AISUDAN: COMBAT DES FEMMES, VIC THÉRIAULT : L’HOMME DERRIÈRE LE RETOUR DU KICKBOXING. Et que s'il joue au faire-valoir, avec tous ses défauts, c'est pour mieux placer Louis Cyr sur un piédestal. W.J. Louis Cyr dans les pattes de McSohmer, textes et dessins de Yves Poissant, Montréal, Éditions Baloune/Intrinsèque, 1978, 64 p. Bande dessinée humoristique sur la vie de Cyr, de l’enfance jusqu¹à ses difficultés avec McSohmer. See more ideas about Louis, Strongman, World's strongest man. Coming from a robust French Canadian family, developing extraordinary strength, when even at a early age. Lowry O.B.E., Thomas Inch (in “Strong Man I Have Known”) and the painstaking analytical essays of the late David Willoughby. She was, to put it mildly, pretty bloody gargantuan, weighing … Le fait est qu’y a pas tant de gars que ça qui peuvent faire un vrai beau « clean and press » à 250 lbs ou plus… et ceux qui finissent par y parvenir se font dire « ouin pis bof, Louis Cyr levait 273 d’un seul bras ». across the deltoids 25.6″/65cm. Vous savez qu'un film est réussi quand vous forcez avec le héros. OHL, Paul. A champion is one who is tops in HIS OR HER TIME ALONE! En établissant plusieurs records, dont certains n'ont jamais été battus, l'homme fort a remonté le moral de la nation et fait voler en éclat l'image du sous-homme canadien-français, à la fin des années 1800. In 1895 in Boston he lifted on his back a platform holding 18 fat men weighing 1967 kg - believed the heaviest weight ever lifted by a man. Hence the reason the book was never reprinted. Louis Cyr, strongman (b at St-Cyprien-de-Napierville, Canada E 10 Oct 1863; d at St-Jean-de-Matha, Qué 10 Nov 1912). Trois-Pistoles Impression, 1999, 323 p. Paul Ohl. Entrez vos coordonnées ci-dessous ou cliquez sur une icône pour vous connecter: Vous commentez à l’aide de votre compte WordPress.com. ( Déconnexion /  Lifted via one hand, style not specified, but most suspect using hand and thigh method, 987lb/447kg. Montferrand à Louis Cyr : biographies, par Ben Weider et E.-Z. LOUIS-CYR, L’HOMME LE PLUS FORT DU MONDE . Un homme fort,qui est dans les milieu de l'entraînement depuis 30ans, écoute les histoires de nos hommes forts d'antan avec scepticisme. Ce site web ne représente qu'une partie de mon travail journalistique. Il est consacré l’Homme le plus fort du monde par le London Sporting Life, le London Times, le National Police Gazette et la presse nord-américaine. His height was normally agreed at 5’10 1/2″, although Dr. Dudley A. Sargent, famous Harvard University physical director recorded measuring Louis Cyr in 1895 when Cyr was 32 and weighed 291lb/132kg. Fox offered a side bet of $5,000 to anyone who could beat Cyr at any of his strength feats. police chief Joseph Moquin of Quebec (who could and did bent press the weight) for a modern set of York weights, thus it came into the possession of the late Bob Hoffman and Mike Dietz. – 131.25lb/59.5kg. In 1882 Louis married a petite and attractive girl named Melina (nee Courtois) with Louis obtaining work in the tough and hardy occupation of Lumberjack (in the days before chain saws etc.). Sargent listed Cyr’s height as just 5’8 1/2″. She in turn had a father of 6′ 4″ and 260 lbs., thus there were the genetics already established ensuring that the young Louis would develop into a pre-ordained Hercules. It was on this historical occasion, on January 19th 1892 that Cyr pressed the pre-mentioned 273.75 lb. Fox offered a side bet of $5,000 to anyone who could beat Cyr at any of his strength feats. Cette complicité génère les scènes les plus touchantes du film, mais pêche aussi, parfois, par excès de mélodramatique. Libre Expression, Montréal, 2005, 632 p. Le 12 juillet 2013 marquera la sortie du film québécois Louis Cyr, dans lequel le comédien Antoine Bertrand interprétera le célèbre homme fort. He was fêted in London, England, where on 19 January 1889 he lifted in succession a 250 kg weight with one finger, 1860 kg on his back, and 124 kg above his head with one hand. MAI 1883 : À Lowell, au Massachusetts, Louis Cyr, âgé de 19 ans, impressionne des centaines de personnes en soulevant de terre jusqu’aux épaules une pierre pesée officiellement à 514 livres. of meat at one meal…a genuine gourmand, increasing weight enormously in his later years. More power of the arm and shoulder was demonstrated by his stunt of stacking four fifty pound weights one on top of the other on his half flexed arm, balancing them whilst walking across the room. plus de controverse a props de Victor . DOPAGE UFC : CROYEZ-VOUS ANDERSON SILVA ? and the next day made it 553lb/280.8kg. et oubliez pas les autres . Cyr was very popular in Britain, being feted by celebrities and Royalty alike, including the then Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria. He was matched in a contest against Michaud of Quebec, who was recognized as Canada’s strongest man of the time, the results being that Cyr beat him, the tests being the lifting of heavy stones, Cyr winning the match by hoisting a granite boulder weighing 480 lbs./ 217.7 kg. Louis Cyr is widely considered to be the strongest man in history. Most of his feats were public demonstrations that drew great crowds, including royalty. Ankle 10.3″/26cm and Shoulder width with calipers …. Louis Cyr, strongman (b at St-Cyprien-de-Napierville, Canada E 10 Oct 1863; d at St-Jean-de-Matha, Qué 10 Nov 1912). Cyprien Noé Cyr, dit Louis Cyr, voit le jour le 10 octobre 1863 à Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville. His lightest bodyweight was when he competed against August Johnson, then just 270 lbs., although his normal contest condition was nearer 320 lbs. He won the "weight-lifting" championship of North America in 1885 and the "world championship" in 1892. Louis Cyr est un drame biographique dans sa forme la plus classique, tant sur le plan visuel que narratif. Pendant sa jeunesse, la famille de Louis Cyr s'installe au Massachusetts. Il décède d’une néphrite le 10 novembre 1912 à Montréal. Louis Cyr was born Cyprien Noé Cyr on October 11, 1863 in Saint-Cyprien-de-Napierville, Montérégie. Même s'il n'est pas spécialement grand, son poids oscille jusqu'à 165 kg et il possède une force herculéenne. There was no doubt that Cyr was an unusual man regarding size and measurements, the latter often causing debate. Outre ses Mémoires que Cyr dicte aux journalistes Septime Laferrière et Albéric Bourgeois de La Presse en 1908, et qui ont été publiées récemment, quelques ouvrages ont été rédigés : certains à caractère biographique, d’autres s’attardant davantage à rappeler ses tours de force. Professional Strongman/Weightlifter. it being the same bell that had defeated a drove of former strength athletes, was exchanged by it’s owner, 280 lb. Alors qu'il aurait été facile de tomber dans la caricature ou dans le panégyrique, Daniel Roby a su éviter les deux pièges. Parce qu'il allie la grandeur des exploits sportifs du héros plus grand que nature à l'intimité d'une formidable histoire d'amour, sans coup férir. In fact, an upcoming French movie is being made of his exploits. Pour savoir si vous possédez des ancêtres communs, consultez sa … Reputable witness Oscar Mathes said the lift was closer to a straight legged press. Très actif dans le milieu culturel maskoutain, il est l’auteur de plusieurs monographies de paroisses et a publié, en 2002, la correspondance de Laure Conan aux Édtions Varia. Cette faiblesse permettra à sa femme Mélina Comtois Cyr (Rose-Maïté Erkoreka) de devenir son associée, et au réalisateur de greffer une histoire d'amour au récit. When it counted in HIS TIME, Cyr was without doubt a champion, and an honest one to boot. Cyr did a one handed deadlift with a dumbbell weighing 525lb/238kg, made harder by the fact that the bar was 1.5 inches thick. In the folds of his long hair he would tie three fifty pound weights, one on each side, and one in the center, with the three weights dangling from his scalp, he would also spin around, swirling the weights around his head. Louis Cyr, l’homme le plus fort du monde, par Martin Franklin, Montréal, Your Physique Publishing, 1946, 106 p. Ce travail fut soutenu par Ben Weider, le culturiste. La légende de Louis Cyr, de Michel Mougins, Montréal, Beauchemin, 1953, 101 p. Récit adapté pour les enfants et illustré. He was fêted in London, England, where on 19 January 1889 he lifted in succession a 250 kg weight with one finger, 1860 kg on his back, and 124 kg above his head with one hand. Promoted by Fox, Louis went on tour circa 1885 – 1891 beating amongst others Sebastian Miller, Bienkowski or Cyclops who could genuinely bend coins, August Johnson and Richard Pennell, plus continually challenging …. Le long métrage repose sur les épaules fortes d'Antoine Bertrand, qui y incarne magistralement Louis Cyr. Je couvre d'autres sujets pour divers médias. MAI 1884 : au Mechanic’s Hall de Montréal, Louis Cyr exécute son premier back-lift officiel en soulevant une plateforme chargée de 15 hommes et pesant au total 2465 livres. Louis Cyr, l’homme le plus fort du monde, de Ben Weider, adaptation de Stefan Chripounoff, Montréal, Beauchemin, 1958, 172 p. – (Collection Santé, beauté, force) ; réédition à Montréal, VLB, 1976, 173 p.; troisième édition revue et corrigée, préface de Victor Lévy-Beaulieu, Outremont, Quebecor, 1993, 175 p. Biographie la plus exhaustive de Cyr, racontant assez fidèlement son enfance et sa carrière, illustrée de plusieurs photographies rares. Le spectateur sait bien qu'il va enjoliver l'histoire (la fiction prend d'ailleurs des libertés avec la réalité pour dramatiser). 19 JANVIER 1892 : au Royal Aquarium de Londres, Louis Cyr bat tous les records existants, devant 5000 personnes. Two books entitled, "The Strongest Man In History", and "The Strongest Man That Ever Lived", were based on his life. By co-incidence on his visit to Britain, the top of the pops was a ditty entitled ‘Get Your Hair Cut’…Louis must have taken the hint, as afterwards he always sported short hair. 17 MARS 1886 : à la Salle Jacques-Cartier de Québec, Louis Cyr a le dessus sur David Michaud (un soldat de la Citadelle de Québec) pour le titre de l’Homme le plus fort du Canada. Et ce ne sont là que quelques exploits. Et le long métrage de Daniel Roby qui chante ses exploits devrait séduire ici et ailleurs. Traveling extensively throughout the UK he also visited Scotland, raising and carrying for a distance one of the famed Dinnie stones. Lowry once said “History of any subject is seldom indisputable. Au cours de ses nombreuses tournées, le « Samson canadien », comme on le surnommait à l’époque, éblouissait les foules en y allant de plusieurs tours de force spectaculaires. Using his legs and arms he supported a total of 4337 lbs. Si ces derniers avaient à reproduire de la même façon et dans les mêmes conditions les tours de force qu’il exerçait, il est certain que bien peu saurait les réussir. Rose-Maïté Erkoreka, véritable révélation du film, est lumineuse. Most of Cyr’s lifts were inhibited due to being made WITHOUT COMPETITION, and on crude apparatus, in most, if not all cases by his sheer strength, certainly no technique, and limited motivation. Louis Cyr, dans Les hommes forts du Québec, de Ben Weider, Montréal, Éditions du Jour, 1973, p. 73-242. 5 DÉCEMBRE 1890 : dans les bureaux du National Police Gazette de New York, Louis Cyr soulève 484 livres d’un seul doigt, ce qui est l’équivalent d’un ours noir d’âge mature. EN APPRENDRE… Acteurs : Antoine Bertrand, Guillaume Cyr, Rose-Maïté Erkoreka, Gilbert Sicotte, Salles : Alouette (St-Raymond), Beauport, Ciné-parc St-Nicolas, Clap, Des Chutes (Saint-Nicolas), Lido (Lévis), Ste-Foy, On aime : les splendides extérieurs, l'équilibre de la réalisation. source: Louis Cyr: une épopée légendaire, de Paul Ohl), REGISTRE DES PUBLICITÉS ÉLECTORALES FÉDÉRALES. Cyr's family moved to Massachusetts, and as a young man he was a lumberjack in New England before returning to Montréal in 1882 to take a job as a policeman. at 6′ 1″. In 1888 on October 1st at Berthierville, Quebec, he lifted 3,536lb/1, 604kg of pig iron for his first record in the back lift. mark. Et que vous ressentez un indescriptible sentiment de fierté et d'accomplissement quand il triomphe. Il soulevait à quelques pouces de terre 860.45 kg (1897 livres) à deux mains, 447,70 kg (987 livres) d’une seule main et 250,8 kg (553 livres) d’un seul doigt. Nous terminons cette liste en affirmant ici qu’il s’agit du travail le plus étoffé sur Louis Cyr. Louis Cyr: une épopée légendaire. Il livre un Louis Cyr humain - vaniteux, ambitieux et orgueilleux - tout en montrant à quel point il a marqué l'imaginaire des Canadiens français et est devenu la source de fierté d'une nation fragile. ©Louis Cyr: Strongest Man Who Ever Lived By David Gentle All Rights Reserved. You cannot compete out of your own century/epoch, nor will we ever know what limits, if any, bind mankind. EN APPRENDRE PLUS SUR DOMINIC BÉRUBÉ -cliquez ici, louis cyr sest une chose . Libre-Expression, Montréal, 2005, 636 p. Note de l’éditeur de Sport et Société Lors de la rédaction de texte par Jean-Noël Dion, la biographie de Paul Ohl n’était pas encore publiée. Dans ce deuxième article sur Louis Cyr, il est question des records de Louis Cyr de même que les ouvrages inspirés par cet homme fort. Victor s en est une autre . Louis Cyr (11 October 1863 – 10 November 1912) was a famous French Canadian strongman with a career spanning the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Prudent with his earnings. Louis Cyr’s exploits had been well publicized in the ‘Pink UN’ (the paper was actually pink, although the contents were often ‘Blue’) Or Police Gazette published by Richard K. Fox, the famed proprietor and promoter of other strength athletes, e.g. Cyr was also credited with side pressing 273.75lb/124kg with ONE ARM (the right) …a lift witnessed by Britain’s great champion Tom Pevier, who described it more like a ‘Jerk Press.’ The dumbbell, a huge thick handled one, was lifted to the shoulders with two hands, before the single handed overhead move. Changer ). During his first London show, many other feats followed, all exceeding contemporary records, culminating in the famous Backlift. estimated. L'admiration de sa femme est une des raisons qui permettaient à Cyr de se défoncer et de battre ses adversaires à plate couture. Sig Klein, John Grimek later also bent pressed it, for I believe half a dozen times or so one afternoon, when the weight was increased to 269.5 lbs., by adding, as it happened, the lead type from Mark Berrys’ classic tome Physical Training Simplified.

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