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Many of them set out with the Emperor through Konya on the left hand road under sinister omens. Though they were more fortunate than the other forces which had preceded them into Anatolia, the French expedition's journey through the peninsula was difficult, slow, and painful. Five days beyond the Turkish territory this road reaches the land of the Franks. He was also portrayed by Charles Kay in the 1978 BBC TV drama series The Devil's Crown. Thus the Greeks were tainted with perjury at the very entrance to their country. Il règnera 29 ans et 1 jour. As the French forces pushed further during the winter of 1147-1148, their despair deepened. Since he harbored no wicked designs himself, he was not quick to believe that others harbored wicked designs on him. Bernard of Clairvaux assured its popularity by his preaching at Vezelay (Easter 1146). Determined to secure a claim for his family, he sent the Chancellor, Thomas Becket, to press for a marriage between Princess Marguerite and Henry's heir, also called Henry (later Henry the Young King). Desiring to atone for his sins, he declared his intention of mounting a crusade on Christmas Day 1145 at Bourges. Opôs-se novamente ao papa ao tentar impor o seu candidato ao assento de Bourges em 1141 contra Pierre de la Châtre, sustentado por Inocêncio, jurando pelas santas relíquias que enquanto vivesse, Pierre não entraria em Bourges. He was named the Duke of Normandy at the time of his birth while his older brother, Louis Joseph, was the dauphin of France. We crossed the rest of this desolate country and entered a most beautiful and wealthy land which stretches without interruption to Constantinople. [15] He died on 18 September 1180 in Paris and was buried the next day at Barbeau Abbey,[15] which he had founded. Now, however, compared to Romania [i.e. The Germans attacked them fiercely and the Franks, who were armed in a similar fashion, resisted spiritedly. Em troca de ser reconhecido duque da Normandia pelo monarca francês, cedeu-lhe metade da Vexin - uma região vital para a segurança Normanda. Anatolia], I would call it a plain. One of his few successes, in 1159, was his trip to Toulouse to aid Raymond V, Count of Toulouse who had been attacked by Henry II: after he entered into the city with a small escort, claiming to be visiting the Countess his sister, Henry declared that he could not attack the city whilst his liege lord was inside, and went home. [1] In October 1131, his father had him anointed and crowned by Pope Innocent II in Reims Cathedral. The reign of Louis VII was, from the point of view of royal territory and military power a difficult and unfortunate one. Within the walls there is vacant land which is cultivated with hoes and plows. When the schism broke out, Louis VII took the part of the Pope Alexander III, the enemy of Frederick I, and after two comical failures of Frederick I to meet Louis VII at Saint Jean de Losne (on 29 August and 22 September 1162), Louis VII definitely gave himself up to the cause of Alexander III, who lived at Sens from 1163 to 1165. He soon came into violent conflict with Pope Innocent II, however, when the archbishopric of Bourges became vacant. More importantly for French — and English — history would be his support for Thomas Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury, whom he tried to reconcile with Henry II. The supplies purveyed in this manner, however, were insufficient for our multitude. Louis VII then became involved in a war with Theobald II of Champagne by permitting Raoul I of Vermandois, the seneschal of France, to repudiate his wife, Theobald II's sister, and to marry Petronilla of Aquitaine, sister of the queen of France. The king was tried, convicted and executed on January 21, 1793. After the execution of the dauphin's father, King Louis XVI, royalists recognized Louis XVII as the rightful heir to the throne. Louis VII led an ineffective war against Henry for having married without the authorization of his suzerain; the result was a humiliation for the enemies of Henry and Eleanor, who saw their troops routed, their lands ravaged, and their property stolen. [5] The Council of Beaugency found an exit clause, declaring that Louis VII and Eleanor were too closely related for their marriage to be legal,[5] thus the marriage was annulled on 21 March 1152. He united with King Conrad III of Germany and King Baldwin III of Jerusalem to lay siege to Damascus; this ended in disaster and the project was abandoned. Fils de roi, père de roi, jamais roi, DEA sous la direction de Joël Cornette soutenu à l’université Paris VIII, 2005. Louis's reign was dominated by feudal struggles (in particular with the Angevin family), and saw the beginning of the long feud between France and England. Yet royal authority was more strongly felt in the parts of France distant from these domains: more direct and more frequent connections were made with distant vassals, a result largely due to an alliance between the clergy with the crown. Henri Waquet, Documents relatifs à l;histoire des croisades, Vol 3 (Paris: Paul Guethner, 1949), 54-55, translated by James Brundage, The Crusades: A Documentary History, (Milwaukee, WI: Marquette University Press, 1962), 111-112 Geni requires JavaScript! If you do reduplicate the document, indicate the source. Just beyond Laodicea the French army was ambushed by Turks. His family fled Versailles during the French Revolution. ...ne, Marguerite Árpád, Adèle de Ponthieu, Alys Talvas, Marguerite (Margaret) of France Junior Queen Consort of England, Queen Consort of H... 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