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[22][23] However, an adult female and two males in India were relatively small, at the respective weights of 6.4 kg (14 lb) and a median of 8.4 kg (19 lb). The braincase is broader than that of dogs. That was basically 3 on 1!Fucking honey Badger starts out getting crushed up, escapes, fucks up the snake, and stands down 2 Jackals at that same time! HB may have got his ticket punched if those Jackels didn't come. It is difficult to guarantee all copyright protection, we always try to communicate with the owners rights to cooperate copyright even if there are still errors. Ajoutées il y a 1 an. Honey Badger caughts and eats Snake & vs Cobra Python | Snake Vs Honey Badger - Battle In The Desert Welcome to Channel ! Ratel VS Python VS Chacals. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our. Un ratel est en mauvaise posture enserré par les anneaux d'un python. The species first appeared during the middle Pliocene in Asia. Discover (and save!) This is the official website of Mixedmartialarts LLC. This match has been played out in real life over and over again and it's clear who the winner is. Python was gonna gas out, reminds me Damian Maia, slick on the ground, but if he cant catch something early, he's ultimately gonna get crushed. Dopoki nie wynaleziono broni palnej to nawet czlowiek mial problem pokonac miodozera, @MarekObala: Wygląda na to, że nie tylko miodożerny jest ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Ratel wymiata( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) [15][17] In Africa, males weigh 9 to 16 kg (20 to 35 lb) while females weigh 5 to 10 kg (11 to 22 lb) on average. Honey badgers studied in Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park preyed largely on geckos and skinks (47.9% of prey species), gerbils and mice (39.7% of prey). came to post this. Ratel pokonał dwa szakale i Pythona, którego ostatecznie zje. That ratel would have died in the python's grip had the jackals not come along. [53], In many parts of North India, honey badgers are reported to have been living in the close vicinity of human dwellings, leading to many instances of attacks on poultry, small livestock animals and, sometimes, even children. [35][36] In the Cape Province it is a potential prey species of the African leopard. À suivre. The only sure way of killing them quickly is through a blow to the skull with a club or a shot to the head with a gun, as their skin is almost impervious to arrows and spears. Especially in the colder times were they become sluggish. Ładny był. A o to w walce z czymś dużym i rogatym (nawet niekoniecznie z bawołem, ale np. [29] The skull is very solidly built, with that of adults having no trace of an independent bone structure. I know many guys who go hunting badgers in the uk with dogs trying to see has the toughest dog that can kill the most badgers. From 30 secs on till the ratel completely gets out you see the python trying to deal with the jackals instead of the ratel. Un ratel est en mauvaise posture enserré par les anneaux d'un python. Mellivorina was proposed as a tribe name by John Edward Gray in 1865.[2]. [48], The honey badger ranges through most of sub-Saharan Africa, from the Western Cape, South Africa, to southern Morocco and southwestern Algeria and outside Africa through Arabia, Iran and western Asia to Turkmenistan and the Indian Peninsula. @test1uci: spokojnie potrafią upolować samodzielnie. @wojtak: bezedurka. Miodozer tym bardziej wprowadza w błąd! pokaż spoiler szakale, @janusz_z_czarnolasu Wbrew nazwie skubaniec prawie nie jada miodu. typicus (Smith, 1833) As of 2005[update], 12 subspecies are recognised as valid taxa. [31] It devours all parts of its prey, including skin, hair, feathers, flesh and bones, holding its food down with its forepaws. The smell of the pouch is reportedly "suffocating", and may assist in calming bees when raiding beehives.[28]. Facebook ▶︎ 0:31. @Pie_Czar: Nawet nie musi być aż taka akcja. The honey badger (Mellivora capensis), also known as the ratel (/ˈreɪtəl/ or /ˈrɑːtəl/), is a mammal widely distributed in Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. They vocalise through plaintive whines. Merci de me contacter par mail. Kto wygra ten pojedynek? https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manorina Suivez Koreus sur : ▶︎ The sides of the head and lower body are pure black. The learner always begins by finding fault, but the scholar sees the positive merit in everything. Mixedmartialarts LLC. I am not sure how it would be possible for a Badger to win against a Constrictor that is actively trying to prey on it and not attempting to flee from it. A jego gruba skore szakale nie byly by wstanie przegryzc. Feb 12, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Sherrie Tripp Lovern. Tu ratatel popełnił błąd i przegrywał z wężem. It is known to range from sea level to as much as 2,600 m above sea level in the Moroccan High Atlas and 4,000 m in Ethiopia's Bale Mountains. The feet are armed with very strong claws, which are short on the hind legs and remarkably long on the forelimbs. [54], In Kenya, the honey badger is a major reservoir of rabies[55][56] and suspected to be a significant contributor to the sylvatic cycle of the disease. [50][51] A British army spokesperson said that the badgers were "native to the region but rare in Iraq" and "are usually only dangerous to humans if provoked". To on rozdaje karty i zjada kogo chce. Pythons typically bite the head. [47] Cubs vocalise through plaintive whines. there are accounts of rock pythons killing honey badgers too. to on byłby celem ataku szakali, [7] When foraging for vegetables, it lifts stones or tears bark from trees. I can see the toughness of it making it not think that snake could catch him slipping though. [citation needed] They retaliate fiercely when attacked. They are known to rip thick planks from hen-houses or burrow underneath stone foundations. It also eats berries, roots and bulbs. w załączonym linku do Polityki Prywatności przypominamy podstawowe informacje z zakresu przetwarzania danych osobowych dostarczanych przez Ciebie podczas korzystania z naszego serwisu. Świerzyński z Bayer Full atakuje Kazika - Kto pamięta w ogóle zespół KULT? Scenario 2: 1. @gundis24: siadaj, pała za wielokropek z dupy. The skin is also tough enough to resist several machete blows. It possesses an extra lower molar on the left side of the jaw, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 13:02. © 2020 All rights reserved. Karma: 6660. Regardez comment il fait fuir une lionne ! P4p those fuckers are tough. Why was it stupid for the badger to continue fighting the snake ? @MarekObala: Takiemu nie podskoczysz, @MarekObala: A mógł zabić... [9], ratel (Sparrman, 1777) The honey badger (Mellivora capensis), also known as the ratel (/ ˈ r eɪ t əl / or / ˈ r ɑː t əl /), is a mammal widely distributed in Africa, Southwest Asia, and the Indian subcontinent.Because of its wide range and occurrence in a variety of habitats, it is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List.. The deputy dean of Basra's veterinary college, Ghazi Yaqub Azzam, speculated that "the badgers were being driven towards the city because of flooding in marshland north of Basra. Telegram ▶︎ If horses, cattle, or Cape buffalos intrude upon a honey badger's burrow, it will attack them. Though not in the same subfamily as the wolverines, which are a genus of large-sized and atypical Guloninae, the honey badger can be regarded as another, analogous, form of outsized weasel or polecat. Ratelowi pomogły szakale, które chciały zjeść pytona. [15] The skin around the neck is 6 millimetres (0.24 in) thick, an adaptation to fighting conspecifics. BuzzFil Group. https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manorina That it continued to attack the python after it got out thanks to the jackals just means that it's stupid, kind of like pitbulls' stupidity. That ratel would have died in the python's grip had the jackals not come along. 0:23. The bulk of its prey comprised species weighing more than 100 g (3.5 oz) such as cobras, young African rock python and South African springhare. Świadek od razu zaczął nagrywać", Miodożer xD Nie ma czegoś takiego xD For other uses, see. @paliwoda: a rzeczywiście, dziękuję. Honey badgers can turn around inside their skin making them almost impossible to hold onto. Viverra capensis was the scientific name used by Johann Christian Daniel von Schreber in 1777 who described a honey badger skin from the Cape of Good Hope. A jego gruba skore szakale nie byly by wstanie przegryzc. "Przerażający film z safari. Durée : 04:20 19/12/2019. Despite its name, the honey badger does not closely resemble other badger species, instead bearing more anatomical similarities to weasels. Un chacal prend part à l'action. Zdjęcia udowadniają jego związki z władzą, https://pl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratel_miodo%C5%BCerny. Twitter ▶︎ Its skin is remarkably loose, and allows it to turn and twist freely within it. [citation needed], The honey badger has the least specialised diet of the weasel family next to the wolverine. Si vous êtes l'auteur d'un élément de ce site, vous pouvez si vous le souhaitez, le modifier ou le supprimer It is a skilled digger, able to dig tunnels into hard ground in 10 minutes. Honey badgers are the largest terrestrial mustelids in Africa. 1:30. nawet przed lwem potrafi się obronić, także ten It is much more closely related to the marten subfamily, Guloninae, but furthermore is assigned its own subfamily, Mellivorinae. I wonder if that snake wasn't distracted if it would have killed that badger. Without the jackals there continuing to distract the python it would have put the ratel back into a vise grip again and killed it. Maybe, but idk. W natury bywa, że to kolacja zjada drapieżnika. Honey badgers have been recorded to kill rock pythons up to 4m yet there are accounts of rock pythons killing honey badgers too. @torquemadek: w "normalnym" swiecie byle goraczka moze cie zabic ;), @Pie_Czar: ale sk?! @Dusha: Ze starcia z ratelem mało które zwierzę wyszłoby zwycięsko. @Yoyek5 Szakale od początku tylko przeszkadzały, nie potrafiły nawet dorwać się do głowy pytona(ratel ciągnął za ogon) przez co była zmiana stron i to ratel w końcu trzymał pyta przy głowie zadając śmierć¯\(ツ)/¯. Le genre de bestiole qui mange à tous les râteliers. Z ratelem lepiej nie zadzierać. Kowalczyk, R., Jȩdrzejewska, B., & Zalewski, A. S'ensuite une longue lutte. [8] Points taken into consideration in assigning different subspecies include size and the extent of whiteness or greyness on the back. To najbardziej nieustraszony ssak Afryki. Le grand gagnant n'est pas forcément celui qu'on attendait. Surplus killing is common during these events, with one incident resulting in the death of 17 Muscovy ducks and 36 chickens. Wystarczy niewielkie złamanie łapy, wybicie szczęki, uszkodzenie oka, czy zainfekowana rana. It looked like he was biting the back of the badger, which is a sign that the python was just trying to get a hold of something, not necessarily in a dominant position. [32] Honey badgers of the cottoni subspecies are unique in being completely black. [30] The tongue has sharp, backward-pointing papillae which assist it in processing tough foods. 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